Clint Cummings

Studio Owner, Featured Artist


10 Years


Stefano, Nikko Hurtado, Mike DeVries, Mike DeMasi, Tony Ciavarrio

Favorite Style

Portraits, Black and Gray

About Clint

Name's Clint Cummings and I own Sparrows Tattoo Company in Mansfield, Texas. I have been a tattoo artist for ten years and still have alot to learn. I have had a real good run the past few years. Picked up an award or two here and there. I love doing shows, meeting new artist and learning new things all the time. I am a complete, custom artist. Doing everything from portraits to traditional. I guess i am flowing with the industry and getting into this "realism" kick. To be honest, I understand the fascination with it. There's just something to doing a tattoo that is meant to feel more real. It's hard to explain. As cool as it is to see a tattoo that looks incredible, it's a thousand times more to tattoo it on somebody. I love the challenge of the industry. Everybody seems to have a silent, friendly competition all the time and it feels good to be included in it. If tattooing became illegal, I know that I would still make my living as an artist, whether painting or drawing. And I think that the "real" tattoo artist stand out because of their artistic abilities. Im not good at football. I love it, but I'm just not good at it. So it should be the same for tattooing. If you're not an artist, please don't pursue this industry. I don't want to be discriminating or anything, just saying. So if your feeling my work and interested in booking an appointment, you can call 817-453-1110 or you can find out more at:

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